SEO Tips For Photographer Websites

We’ve all seen beautiful websites designed for (and by) photographers that showcase incredible images.  If you are choosing a site template or designing from scratch here are a few SEO tips that might help:

  1. Ready made photographer template sites are available on the web that are proven to work well in various browsers. If you are creating your own site from a template and have beginner or immediate knowledge of web development, WordPress templates are a good choice. Why?  They are easy to maintain with little knowledge of code and they are naturally seo and search engine friendly.
  2. When choosing a template, never, (I’ll say it again- never) choose a template with a photo gallery as the homepage. Sure, this shows off  your work right away but if the gallery doesn’t have titles (h1,h2 tags) and loads of text not embedded in images you will fight a uphill battle trying to get found on the Internet.  Web crawlers need text and titles to index pages. Beautiful galleries generally are lacking both resulting in your homepage getting lost on the web.
  •  Exception #1: If you only wish your customers to find you by searching with your url or name that’s OK but don’t expect to gain new leads from web searches easily.
  •  Exception #2: Some templates- particularly WordPress let you choose another page in the template for your homepage (About Us, Blog, etc).  About Us pages work well because they usually have room for a photo of yourself and places for lots of descriptive text. This work’s fine- just put your gallery inside the site. Check to see if the template seller requires a coding charge.

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Ken Hook is a co-founder of 45 Degrees Latitude ( and (a division). Ken has been involved in pro-video production for 10 years and SEO for 5 years. He frequently posts SEO and video tips for small business on both websites. Ken and his wife Cathy reside in Cloyne, Ontario, Canada.

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