Percentage of Businesses In Canada With Websites


Looks like Canadian businesses are falling behind the demand of consumers.  According to Canadian Business Magazine (Oct 14, 2014 James Cowan), a sparse 46% of businesses have a website.  If you look at small and medium sized business only 41% can make the claim of having a website.  This is scary considering the low cost of web development today and the myriad of ‘free’ web development tools available.

Cowan further states: ‘Canadians rank number one on the globe in terms of number of webpages visited each month and have the most social network users in the world on a per capita basis, according to a white paper produced by the Internet Association, a trade group composed of 40 tech giants like Google, Facebook and Etsy. Further, 93% of Canadians research products online before buying and more than half use the web to actually purchase goods or services. Despite these high adoption rates, the digital market is still growing. Canadians purchased $122 billion worth of goods online in 2012, doubling the amount from five years earlier. In stat after stat, the report casts Canada as a nation of early adopters.

Even worse, 3% of our retail economy takes place online—less than half of the United States and one-eighth of the levels in the United Kingdom. Between 2004 and 2009, the Internet contributed 10% to the country’s GDP growth, far lower than the average of 21% across other industrialized countries.’

Clearly Canadian businesses have a lot of catching up to do. Sounds like a good project for BIAs, CFDCs and other organisations – to inform members the necessity of a website and how easy it is to create one.


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