How To Create And Install Favicon to WordPress

The verdict is still out whether or not adding  a favicon to your website is beneficial when it comes to SEO.  It does help with your branding and everyone agrees it doesn’t hurt so let’s create one and install it to our WordPress site.

Create the Favicon is a site that allows you to create a free favicon without even registering. Follow the easy instructions: Create New Favicon> Import Image. However, before you Import your image you need to create it.

You can create your image in any editor such Fireworks or Photoshop. Create a square image about 200 x 200 pixels. Keep it simple because the final generated favicon for your site will only be 16 x 16 pixels. Save your image to Desktop. Now you’re ready to Import it to If the image created is square you can select ‘Keep Dimensions’. Click Upload. You can now edit your image within however if your image was fine in your editor it should not require any further editing. A Preview palette is below which shows what your new favicon will look like preceding a url. Once you’re pleased with the results click Download and save it. Give the file a short name like ‘favicon’. The favicon will be saved as a .ico file.

Install To WordPress Site

Installing your favicon to WP is easier than to a html site (see instructions for html site here).
Firstly you need to upload the favicon.ico file to your web host.  The best place is likely the root ‘public_html’ folder.  Do this with your website cpanel File Manager or FTP program.

Then install the following code to your header.php.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">

In WordPress go to Appearance > Editor> and click on the Header.php template.  Copy and paste the above code in the header.php and Update the file.

That should do it!  If you can’t see your new favicon preceding your URL, hard refresh your browser by pressing Ctrl + F5 keys.



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