Free Tools For SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research can be a time intensive but worthwhile exercise. This is made easier with a host of free tools available from Google. We may think we know what keywords potential viewers are searching us with but only a keyword analysis will confirm best guesses.  If you have a website  you can check to see which keywords are used by your viewers  in order of importance by looking at Google Analytics  or the free Google Adwords tool.  Let’s look at Google Analytics first.

Google Analytics

Many websites use Google Analytics. It’s a free tool that enables the webmaster (or yourself  if you maintain your own site) to place a special ‘tracking id’ in the html code of every page you wish to be monitored. Log-in to Google Analytics by using your gmail log-in credentials. Go to Admin> +New Account. Complete the information and a tracking id (code) will be assigned which you insert into the html code of your webpages.  In 24 hours you will be able to access your Analytics data.  If  you get stuck, check out the Help files in the top right.

If you have a WordPress website you can download a free plug-in to do the same thing (you also need to open a free Google Analytics account- use your gmail password to log-in if you have one).

Google Adwords Tool

After  you have investigated your own site with Google Analytics (if it’s ‘live’) you can research other keyword usage with the Google Adwords Tool. Insert  a search word or phrase in the search field and select Keyword ideas (tab on the left). Similar keyword ideas will be shown as well as the competition for those words (Low to  High) and the estimated Global and Local Monthly Searches. Use the Help files to fully utilize and understand the tool.

These two free tools are frequently used in a Keyword Analysis.  You can also investigate a competitor’s site with the Chrome PageRank tool to identify keywords they use.


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Ken Hook is a co-founder of 45 Degrees Latitude ( and (a division). Ken has been involved in pro-video production for 10 years and SEO for 5 years. He frequently posts SEO and video tips for small business on both websites. Ken and his wife Cathy reside in Cloyne, Ontario, Canada.

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