“Content is King”- Bill Gates

Web Content is King‘”Content is King”- Bill Gates said it best when he was referring to search engine optimization.

Over the years SEO enthusiasts have tweaked websites in ways to beat the search engines to achieve higher rankings in searches, particularly Google.  Google has always aimed to provide organic or natural search engine results. Google constantly outsmart SEO strategies by developing new algorithms which can change every few weeks.

When you cut through the chase the best web strategy is always have great content on your site-something of interest to viewers.  Loading up your site with keywords in an attempt to inundate the search engines with repeat content simply doesn’t work anymore.  Having your site submitted to 100’s if not 1000’s of directories doesn’t work like it used to and if fact, may penalize you.  However, you cannot lose with providing meaningful content.

WordPress blogs are an easy way to provide great content. They are easily updated by businesses to provide fresh content that keeps customers informed.  Using your keywords (determined in a keyword analysis) in your posts is helpful as long as your posts do not appear keyword loaded.  They should be interesting, timely and provide useful information.

At the end of the day the best SEO trick is no trick at all.

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Ken Hook is a co-founder of 45 Degrees Latitude (www.45degreeslatitude.com) and Ontarioseo.net (a division). Ken has been involved in pro-video production for 10 years and SEO for 5 years. He frequently posts SEO and video tips for small business on both websites. Ken and his wife Cathy reside in Cloyne, Ontario, Canada.

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