About Us- Ontarioseo.net

We developed an interest in search engine optimization (SEO) when we launched a new website on video production. After waiting several weeks for the pages to be indexed by the various search engines we wondered why our site didn’t rank very well in search results. As with any business, having a website is not enough to attract business- it needs to be found by the search engines to actually pay for itself. Our mission was to learn the craft of SEO so our site would rank at the top- if not #1. That was the basis of forming ontarioseo.net.

Learning SEO was not an easy process. There is not one strategy to learn but several that will contribute to site rankings. Implementing each strategy one at a time got us to the top. We can do the same for you!  Ranking #1 in search engine results has no bearing on the size of your business.  Websites that cost thousands of dollars can rank poorly.  You can compete with big business on the web and rank better with a website that is search engine optimized.

Ontarioseo.net is a division of 45 Degrees Latitude- a small business helping other small businesses. We offer professional SEO services, video production services, professional photo editing and web hosting for a select number of clients. We pride ourselves on providing on-time service at affordable prices. You deal directly with the owners of the company; Ken and Cathy Hook. You will find our personal service and attention to detail will help you get the results you need.

We have a varied background in business including agriculture, tourism, export and entrepreneurship. Our SEO and video production skills can dramatically improve the search engine rankings of your website thereby web traffic.  Next to your website, SEO may be the best marketing investment you will every make.