About Google Trends- A Free Tool That Tracks Keyword Popularity

Google Trends is a cool free tool that indicates and forecasts the popularity of search terms.  Below is a screenshot for the term SEO:

Google Trends forecasts search term popularity.In this example the search term ‘SEO’ is gaining popularity dramatically since 2004. The forecast growth for the term is stable throughout 2013.

Hovering your cursor over the letters on the trending line will identify a news story headline that might indicate why the change in popularity.

Viewing the related terms (below right) we can see ‘joomla seo’, ‘wordpress’ and ‘wordpress seo’ have received Breakout ratings meaning their search popularity has exceeded a 5000% growth since 2004.

You can even hover your cursor over the world map to see the Regional Interest in the term or use the List View.  For this term I was able to see that Vietnam is the hot spot in the world followed by India. You may have received emails from companies offering low-cost SEO services from these countries. You can even narrow down the data to a specific city- I did, and the hotspot was Hanoi.

The ‘View change over time’ link creates a movie showing the trending of your search term  which is interesting. You can even embed the movie into your website. This feature is only available for comparing trends of search words and not locations or time ranges.

On the left navigation bar you can focus in on more local information. Change the map from World to Country such as Canada and receive the trending results.  Change the time limit too in case you wish to view only the trending for the last year.

When I did a trending search for the term SEO for January 2013, I found the highest search volume index was for British Columbia, followed by Ontario and Quebec.

If you  need help deciphering the terms and how to get the most out of Google Trends, help files and videos can be found at the page bottom.

This could be a useful tool for your business to get an idea if the interest in your product or service is rising or falling from a web search point of view.



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Ken Hook is a co-founder of 45 Degrees Latitude (www.45degreeslatitude.com) and Ontarioseo.net (a division). Ken has been involved in pro-video production for 10 years and SEO for 5 years. He frequently posts SEO and video tips for small business on both websites. Ken and his wife Cathy reside in Cloyne, Ontario, Canada.

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